Welcome to the Writers’ Labyrinth. Choosing the name of this blog was harder than I’d imagined… because of that damned apostrophe. I didn’t know whether to go with:

The Writer’s Labyrinth,

The Writers’ Labyrinth,


The Writers Labyrinth.

The difference it makes, in this case, is so small it hardly matters. Still, the decision drove me insane.

Should this metaphorical labyrinth be a labyrinth belonging to one writer, (i.e., me,) or to all writers in general? Or should I go “to hell with the apostrophe” and simply have a labyrinth named for the writers stumbling around inside it?

Obviously, I went with the all-inclusive possessive. Will it come back to haunt me?

Seriously, why am I obsessing? This is not why I started this blog. I started it because I’ve written something important and I need it to be read. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to post it soon. Until then…